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The most terse Verse of this political season. Presenting the  spirit and terms of the Nader Campaign without mentioning his name. The most ridable wave of the rising tide.  Surf  into enlightenment!  Download the teaser to Inside Trading HERE, and order it now. 


Inside Trading
Words And Music By Bill Passalacqua


Itís gonna be a close one
I canít pick it
The Republicrats or the Texaco Ticket
It the same to me Iím sad to say
Cause either way itís an Inside Trade

You got compassionate corporatism
Or middle path populism
If you want the same they've got plenty more
Itís what their owners are paying for

Sound bites for the drug war
Monopolies for the company store
Minimum minimum wage for the working poor
Billions and billions for machines of war

And that brings up what you and me
are gonna pay for
defense against north Korea, 60 billion for a fake defense
which even if it worked, it wouldnít make sense

Whoa folks remain calm
even if they had the bomb
They still havenít got the means to bring it
And if they did
we sure couldnít wing it

Proved that 2 out of 3 times
Maybe its time to stop asking
"How do we stop them from bombing us?"
Time to start asking
"how do we stop them from wanting to?"

When it comes to the environment

Its time to fire the whole government
Takes a lot of bloody nerve
to sell off half our oil reserve
give in on fuel efficiency,
cause the ones that drive the SUVís
are the ones that make the big donations
they own the TV And radio stations

And they call themselves environmentalists.
Clearly there's something that Iíve missed
The Jolly Green Giant tell the Suits
"give a hoot man you got to pay to pollute "

Then we got the war on drugs,
the DEA, the jack boot Thugs
Telling us to just say no

with a drink in hand
and a cigarettes glow
Either way were gonna have a chief
Who's sucked and blown the magic Spleef

When they say those words to me
I just say no to hypocrisy
I just say no to the status quo,
I just say no to the quid pro quo
I just say no to corporate shoguns
with Ad Campaigns and stupid slogans

But donít you think Iím gonna add my voice
to the clamor over a woman's choice
I believe the party's main attraction
is little more than a big distraction

No president ever knew
what a judicial appointment was gonna do
Take Roe v Wade and Harry Blackman,
nearly made Nixon's a heart attack em
And who would've guessed that
Sandra Oconner would've done
Reagan such a dishonor.

I'd also like to revoke parole,
on the issue of gun control
we never hear, a real debate,
just politics of fear and hate
Its fair to say that people die.
But I donít ask how, rather why
for every violent occurrence,
I see ten people die
for a lack of health insurance

So Iím voting for
a different kind of protection
In this Y 2 K Election
Iím not gonna trade my voice,
for that so called best/worst choice
Thatís a bought and sold democracy,
for a globalized plutocracy
That continues to terrorize
the workers whoíd like to organize
WalMart, Nike and Kathy Lee,
Grand old Democrat Party

One party under thumb,
keep em poor and keep em dumb
Keep em chewing that bubble gum
It's low fat man,
its low cal got no sodium
Itís gonna be a close one
I canít pick it
The Republicrats or the Texaco Ticket
It's the same to me Iím sad to say
Cause either way itís an Inside Trade
You can watch your candidates primp and pose,
cast your vote, hold your nose
or open up your eyes and ears
and vote your hopes and not your fears......



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